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KISTERS - experts in water quality for over 60 years.

At KISTERS, we offer a range of water sensors to help you continuously and accurately monitor nitrate levels to improve fish production and quality.

As an official TriOS partner, we offer great solutions at affordable prices with the ongoing support you need. We do this because here at KISTERS, we value our partners and understand the importance of being there when you need us, where you need us, especially when it comes to water quality.

Designed using the latest technology, our range of TriOS sensors provide continuous, high-frequency measurement of nitrate levels while accounting for disturbances such as turbidity. The sensors provide real-time data to help mitigate the effects of nitrate pollution.

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TriOS Sensors

  • NICO

    TriOS NICO sensor

    TriOS’s new low-cost nitrate meter. With four detection channels enabling precise optical determination of nitrate by absorption, NICO is able to account for turbidity which is not possible for many other products in market.

  • LISA

    TriOS LISA sensor

    Long-lasting and energy-efficient UV-LED technology are what make LISA stand out. LISA can achieve long operating times without cleaning with its unique nanocated windows combined with compressed air flushing.

  • OPUS

    TriOS OPUS sensor

    New generation spectral sensors for the online measurement of nitrate and carbon compounds. OPUS is equipped with a full spectrum range to deliver accurate nitrate readings. Featuring the new TriOS G2 interface, OPUS allows for fast and easy configurations and easy integrations into existing systems and data loggers.

  • matrixFlu VIS

    TriOS matrixFlu VIS sensor

    Combining multiple excitation and detection wavelengths for fluorescence measurements, the highly compact matrixFlu VIS allows quasi synchronous in-situ detection of Excitation Emission Matrices. Primarily designed for the on-line detection of algae.

  • nanoFlu

    TriOS nanoFlu sensor

    Miniature fluorometer that is low-priced and submersible for highly precise and selective measurement of CDOM (colored dissolved organic matter, yellow substances), chlorophyll a or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria.

  • enviroFlu

    TriOS enviroFlu sensor

    PAH, oil-in-water using UV fluorescence, enviro-Flu’s new generation of immersion sensors determine even the slightest traces of PAH in water such as drinking water or cooling water condensates.


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