All hailstone sizes matter to us because they matter to you.

Introducing the next generation hail sensor – The HailSens IoT

HailSens IoT provides objective and fast insights into the in-situ impact of hail events. With significantly improved sensor technology, the HailSens IoT enables you to measure and understand hail events with up to 70% more accuracy than even before.

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Key features of the Hail Monitoring System

  • REAL TIME MONITORING Detect hail events instantaneously using real time monitoring which enables you to make real time decisions at time of an event through the smart capture and analysis of hail data.
  • ALERTS/ALARMS Be warned at time of hail event to ensure you are given sufficient time to co-ordinate a response. Alarms are fully customizable to suit whatever your needs and requirements are.
  • HIGH ACCURACY Measure and understand hail events with up to 70% more accuracy than ever before, enabling you to gain fast insights about hailstones such as their size and kinetic energy.
  • ACCESS TO FORECASTS AND OBSERVED WEATHER DATA Get quick and easy access to hail event information using current forecast and observed weather data through the integration of a smart software solution.
  • RELIABILITY Functionality and capabilities of software and sensors ensures system remains reliable to project accurate data for comprehensive Hail Monitoring (life time calibration)

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