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New webinar in Practical aspects of TriOS solutions with application examples: Turn key solutions, Waters applications like drinking water, wastewater and storm water, Portable Nitrate systems and River monitoring related to DES, DES and DAF.

Presenters: HyQuest Solutions Water Quality Experts in Australia and New Zealand, Dougal Harding and Joel Murphy

  • March 16th at 2 PM Sydney Australia, 4 PM Wellington New Zealand
  • 1.5 hours

Agenda for this webinar:

1. Turn key solutions

  • Airport Farms
    • iBox with iRis270 datalogger, with telemetry
    • Nico for nitrate
    • Third party items, sonde, weather station – HyQuest options also available
    • Cloud data hosting
    • ZebraTech wipers for cleaning
    • Solar power
  • Other systems
    • Zespri
    • BOPRC
  • Other considerations
    • Sensor mounting
    • Flow options for mass balance calculations

2. River monitoring related to DES, DES and DAF

3. Waters applications: drinking water, wastewater, stormwater

  • Solids and Organics removal - Lutra Compass system – Kapiti Coast District Council
  • Drinking water UVT measurement – Wellington Water
  • New Trios TW Master for drinking water turbidity applications
  • Chloramination – an optical measurement alternative (relevant to Australia and North America)
  • Colour measurement - Viper
  • Protect your plant from Hydrocarbon spills – EnviroFlu or MicroFlu
  • Wastewater nitrate and organics measurement – Fonterra Te Awamutu
  • DO measurement on wastewater
  • Dissolved H2S measurement in sewer systems

4. Portable Nitrate systems

  • Nico sensor
  • TriBox mini
  • Custom carry case
  • Sampling options
    • Spot measurements
    • Profiling
    • Groundwater sampling
  • Future options
    • Otago Regional Council are going to do Algae and Dissolved Organics measurement
    • Other measurements – DO, pH, turbidity

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