Product Launch Webinar of HyQual for the APAC region

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Discover all the capabilities of our new multiparameter water quality probes HyQual in its launch webinar this month... Never before has it been so easy to measure water quality! Reserve your spot today!

Presenters: HyQuest Solutions Water Quality Experts in Australia and New Zealand, Dougal Harding and Joel Murphy

📅 Date:   JULY 20

9 am Sydney   |   11 am Wellington   |   7 am Singapore

Note: If you are an English speaker located in America or Europe, please register and we will confirm the date and time for your region. Your event is already scheduled. For more information visit: Thank you!

Duration:  1.5 hours

This webinar will be of your interest if you work in any of these areas:

Wastewater, groundwater, industrial water or brackish water   |    Education, Research and Laboratories   |   Streams, lakes, rivers and estuaries management   |   Process control   |   Aquaculture   |   Control systems for oil drilling operations   |   Boreholes drilling   |   Marine water applications 


  • Introduction to multiparameter and water quality measurement 
  • The top water quality parameters and sensor selection
  • Classic applications and deployment types
  • Customer types
  • HyQual System and versions
  • HyQual Sensors & Parameter List
  • HyQual Technical specifications
  • HyQual Applications
  • Accessories available
  • Maintenance
  • Why to choose HyQual and its Unique Selling Points
  • Questions 

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