New: IoTa Sensor Node for Internet of Things


With the sensor node IoTa, HyQuest Solutions launches a cost-efficient sensor node that collects and transmits data from one or several sensors.

It interconnects sensors with data management software (e.g. datasphere) by means of adding modern wireless IoT connectivity to digital sensors.

IoTa sensor nodes are very low power and operate autonomously for several years on a single battery charge. Installation on poles, rods or walls horizontally or vertically is very easy. IoTa collects data from sensors connected via SDI-12 and counter input.

IoTa sensor nodes are the perfect devices to establish an Internet of Things in a cost-efficient way. Application areas include smart cities, urban areas and municipalities, dam and reservoir monitoring, construction site monitoring, and agricultural monitoring. As universal tool for sensor data management (viewing and analyzing measured data), datasphere is recommended.

IoTa is available in the versions 4G LTE-Cat-M1 (Fallback 2G) and LoRaWAN. It is either as stand-alone device or integrated in a tipping bucket rain gauge (e.g. TB7).

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