HyQuest Solutions and REZO Business Merger

General News

HyQuest Solutions are very pleased to announce a business merger with REZO.

General Release: 17 June 2019 

KISTERS Merges with REZO Limited 

New Zealand 

The merger between KISTERS and REZO Limited became effective from 01.04.2019.  

REZO’s main area of expertise includes optical sensors and analytical systems for water quality monitoring and process control. The REZO office based in Dunedin New Zealand will continue and in time will form a HyQuest Solutions second NZ office. 

REZO is highly regarded in the NZ market as the supplier and service partner for the reliable TriOS Optical Sensors, as well as for Colifast AS and Vienna Water Monitoring (ColiMinder) on-line automated indicator bacteria measurement systems.  Further, REZO is an oceanographic equipment provider for Kongsberg Maritime – Subsea Monitoring, HC Tech wave buoys, and gas in water sensors by Franatech. REZO offers analytical solutions for freshwater, seawater, ground water and drinking water, as well as process water, wastewater and landfill leachate. 

Eike Breitbarth will continue employment with HyQuest Solutions NZ Ltd heading up the REZO business to ensure business as usual continues with customers.  The intention is to strengthen the REZO footprint in New Zealand, as well as globally. 

The evolving environmental market has brought KISTERS and REZO together to broaden offerings in the area of water quality.  KISTERS, with approximately 700 staff have been very successful in the areas of water and energy management through their resource management systems. This is the case throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, Europe, USA and the home markets of New Zealand and Australia.