Precision Instrumentation, Data Loggers, Internet of Things and Environmental Monitoring

HyQuest Solutions manufactures, sells, installs and operates quality instrumentation, data loggers and communication technology for hydrological, meteorological and air quality monitoring, precipitation measurement, water level measurement, water flow measurement, and data acquisition amongst others. We design our products with passion for environmental monitoring, with a deep understanding of requirements of practitioners in the field, and with 40 years of engineering experience. [Learn more about our products]

In Australia and New Zealand, HyQuest Solutions is represented by

  • HyQuest Solutions Pty Ltd (KISTERS Group)
  • HyQuest Solutions NZ Ltd (KISTERS Group)

Both companies are dedicated to developing the highest quality hydro-meteorological equipment, solutions and services. Together they serve customers throughout the southern hemisphere with integrated solutions that cover all steps of the data monitoring and data management process from sensor to decision-making.

And there is more to HyQuest Solutions than robust, accurate and reliable products: “Solutions” is part of our company name, and turnkey, tailor-made solutions we provide to national and regional public authorities, environmental agencies, consulting engineers and the industry. Our devices have proven themselves in some of the most demanding and harsh conditions across the world, including flood warning, train control and maritime port navigation. [Learn more about applications] Besides, our services include product and hydrographic training, design services, telephone support. Because users matter! [What can we do for you?]

HyQuest Solutions is a member of the KISTERS Group. KISTERS is a renowned manufacturer of software solutions for hydrological, meteorological, air quality, environmental and energy data management. HyQuest Solutions and KISTERS are individually accredited with ISO9001 Quality Certification. [Learn more about the KISTERS Group]

Providing environmental data YOU can rely on for faster, smarter decisions.